10 Tips for maintaining a luxury watch

1. Clean your watch as often as possible

Take a soft cloth and wipe down the band and the case to remove any dirt or dust. Soak the watch in soap and water (follow these steps) every couple of months to loosen the dirt. 

2. Service Regularly

Service your watch every two or three years, regardless of warranty length. You want to be sure and catch issues before they are a problem.

3. Avoid magnets

Some of you may not be aware that placing your watch close to a magnet can negatively affect the timekeeping of your watch.

4. Know your watch’s water resistance

Some watch wearers are not aware of their watch’s limits and take their watch too deep. If your watch is water resistant up to 50 meters, it’s not wise to take your watch snorkeling. If your watch cannot handle the depths, the rapid change in pressure may prove to be too much for your watch to handle. If your watch is not water resistant, it can still handle small splashes of water, but it’s best to avoid it. If your watch has a leather band, you will want to avoid getting your watch wet because water can weaken the leather watchstrap. 

5. Take care of the crystal

This is quite obvious, but it’s still important and worth mentioning. Take every precaution you can to prevent from banging the crystal of your watch against a wall or any other objects that may cause scratches.

6. Keep your watch box for storage

When not wearing your watch, it’s best to keep it in the box it came in. By setting the watch on its side or on the crystal, there is always the possibility the watch could get scratched. The watch box is made to keep the watch safe and offers protection for the watch.

7. Avoid extended exposure to sunlight

Sunlight can fade the color on your watch. Also, heat can shorten the battery life, so it’s best to prevent your watch from being placed in direct sunlight.

8. Avoid contact with chemicals

Cleaning supplies, oils, cologne and perfume, all bad news. Perfume especially can damage leather bands, weakening them and potentially causing it to tear. When spraying perfume or cologne, let it completely dry before placing the watch on your wrist. Your watch, like your expensive diamond jewelry – should be the last thing you put on when you get ready (before your jacket). When cleaning your watch, do not use powerful cleaners. Simpler is better. Consult our jewelry cleaning guide for help.

9. Never open your watch by yourself

Leave this up to a watchmaker. Opening your watch can expose it to dust, dirt, and other particles that can get inside the movement, so it’s best to leave this up to a professional.

10. Read your watch manual

These steps will most likely apply to the care of every luxury watch. However, there are certain things that are specific to each watch and these tips will most likely be listed in the watch manual.

A luxury mechanical watch should be properly respected and cared for, rich in memories and in financial cost. A piece like that deserves our love and care – and these 10 tips will help your watch survive until you can pass it down.

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